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Formed in 2006 Global Motorcycle Tours is an independent UK based Motorcycle Touring Company specialising in high quality guided and self guided motorcycle touring holidays throughout Europe. Our ongoing objective is to continually improve the quality of our motorcycle tours with the best routes, top class hotels and exceptional customer service.


We welcome riders unaccustomed to riding on the continent as well as the more experienced. On all our tours you have the option to be guided or make your own way at your own pace, either alone, or as part of a smaller group.  Our comprehensive tour pack contains detailed maps, GPS data and coordinates plus local information and hotel contact details enabling you to easily self navigate the routes.

Our tours are ‘not a race’. There will be plenty of opportunities during the tours to explore your own and your bikes ability but when riding as a group we observe local traffic laws while still making ample progress, we appreciate the old cliché of ‘it’s all about the journey and not the destination’

Our guided tours employ a ‘drop off system’ which is explained in your tour pack and again on your pre-tour briefing. We appreciate that this method is not fool proof but have proved over the years that if everyone adheres to the system it does work. To support the system we also employ full headset communication which enables anyone to contact us by phone immediately if there is a problem.

One of our many objectives is not to spoil your holiday by covering too many miles without a break; therefore we stop for a break every 50 to 80 miles dependent on the type of terrain or weather conditions. We always stop for lunch and coffee/toilet breaks in the morning and afternoons, this after all is your holiday not an endurance test. For convenience and speed we also utilise the Euro Tunnel for all our cross channel crossings. Every guided tour is accompanied by Tom and Susan.

At Global Motorcycle Tours we are extremely proud of the standard of accommodation we use. All our hotels are three or four star rated with en-suite facilities and have been personally checked by us, our criteria being cleanliness, comfort, facilities, food and bike security.  Please check our accommodation page or individual tour information for more details.

Susan and I take great pride in our company and feel this is reflected in your touring experience. Please do not hesitate to call for more information or to just chat about any of our tours.


Global Motorcycle Tours prides itself on catering for all levels of riders and abilities, so whether this is your first time on the continent, have recently passed your test or have been riding for some time we do expect a level of competency and an ability to fully control your machine.

We do not grade our tours as we feel that puts limitations on what you can achieve but some tours are more challenging than others therefore we make it clear from the start that regardless of experience everyone should ride within their own capabilities.

You will be expected to be able to cover daily distances ranging from 150 to 300 miles and be able to maintain 80 mph on the motorways. Riders are at all times responsible for their own safety, their machines and for any passengers travelling with them.

We would strongly advise you fully prepare for your tour by studying the supplied maps and routes and reading all the literature contained in your tour pack. With GPS systems becoming more and more diverse and with so many versions of the same software all GPS and Route data supplied by Global Motorcycle Tours should only be used as a guide and not THE BIBLE.

And a final word about your bike. A lot can depend on rider and experience therefore it is not easy to recommend a particular bike or model. Most bikes on the tours are 600cc and above and capable of sustaining speed and power all day.

If you are in any doubt please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your bike’s suitability.

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